L Woods Love Giving Head

Blowing your boyfriend is one of the hottest things you can do. Ever. Always. Blowjobs are fucking fantastic and men never seem to tire of them, for good reason. Unfortunately there are plenty of girls out there who “just don’t like giving head.” What?

First of all, fuck you for being so selfish. No one asked, or even cares, whether or not you actually enjoy doing it.  Secondly, how the hell can you not enjoy it? What is wrong with you?

Even if you “don’t like” giving head, (ugh.) you still need to do it. You cannot deny your man the ultimate pleasure of having your hot, wet mouth on his dick. That’s just cruel and unusual punishment.  Stop thinking about yourself for 5 minutes, or 20, and get on your knees. Do it for him, he does plenty for you! Don’t forget that practice makes perfect, eventually you’ll be doing it for you and the fact that he gets pleasure out of it too will be an added bonus.

It’s all about rhythm. If you find it hard to keep going, put music on. It helps you go steady and takes away the awkwardness if you’re a gagger (more on that later) or if he’s the silent type.

If you don’t like the taste get over it. It’s a penis, not a chocolate bar. There are flavored lubes out there that actually do taste pretty good; I recommend anything in Cherry, Strawberry, or Orange. There are also flavored condoms, which I don’t recommend because they take away his favorite part – busting his load in your mouth. On that note, learn to swallow because spitting makes you a sorry excuse for a woman.

If your knees get sore, deal with it. What’s that saying people like to get tattooed on themselves? “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?” Yeah, apply that logic to giving head. Ignore the neck and jaw soreness too, it’ll get easier with time. You might be in a little bit of discomfort but he’s feeling a whole new level of pleasure and that’s what’s important! If you’re worried about gagging use a little more hand and a little less mouth. Did I mention your hands? They’re your new best friends, especially if your man is well equipped. Just make sure they’re soft and pretty and remember to watch those nails.

If you’re unsure of what position to do it in, have him sit on the bed with his back against the headboard. (I’m pretty sure it was named that because if this position, yeah?) Lay flat on your tummy between his legs or off to one side. It gives him a great view of your ass so make sure you have a smooth, sexy tush! The added visual will blow his mind.

Remember girls, it’s your duty to please your man and giving head is the best way to do it. A blowjob a day keeps the problems away so learn to love it! If you choose not to, you can bet your sweet cheeks he’ll find someone that will.

Keep Calm and Keep Sucking….how’s that for a coffee mug?



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