Alex Stephenson THE MACGUFFIN MEN: Ruh Roh

I am unemployed. I do fairly little with my life, unless you consider sporadically working as a freelance videographer* and constantly writing thousands of mostly-unread words** ‘things that people do with their lives.’ As such, I lead a simple life. I sleep (too much), I read (too little), and I check my Twitter feed 100 times each day (debatably appropriate). And I eat.

Two times a day, I pick apart a quarter of a rotisserie chicken from the chicken place a block away, put it on a bun from the Portuguese bakery down the street, and then apply whatever barbeque sauce was most recently on sale. My culinary life has operated this way for approximately 4 months, and my taste buds remain perfectly content. But sometimes I wonder why I’m okay with eating the exact same meal two times a day, every single day. And for some reason, that makes me think of Matthew Lillard.

*For money!
*For free!

The idea of calling Matthew Lillard an underrated actor seems uncomfortable to me in theory, yet I somehow find myself drunkenly arguing this point every couple of months or so. When people see that uber-tall, uber-gangly bastard prancing around on screen looking like a human infused with grasshopper DNA, they see the guy who often seemed to have a clause in his contract stating that he play opposite Freddie Prinze Jr. in all of his films. While he is debatably the best part of the first Scream film, people seem to forget that Lillard was a part of it at all, likely due to the franchise’s post-1996 lack of Lillard.

If you were into smoking weed on the way to the video store in the late 90s, you might remember renting SLC Punk because the cover was colourful, or Hackers because Hackers is totally fucking absurd*. If you were into consuming narcotics on the way to the video store in the early 2000s, you might remember renting Scooby-Doo specifically because you got way too high on the way to the video store and thought it would be funny to rent Scooby-Doo. The point being, Lillard seems to be remembered either for playing Shaggy, some guy in that movie you saw once while you were high, or for appearing in teen movies that are so bad even I can’t enjoy them**. Basically, it’s easier to make jokes about Matthew Lillard than it is to appreciate the fact that he at least provides a number of bad movies with memorable moments...

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