Hana Shafi This Makeup Is Staying On

If you think that telling the ladies that they look better without all that makeup is going to make you look like some truly noble gentlemen, you’re sadly mistaken. 

I can’t even begin to express how sick and tired I am of seeing hoards of “chivalrous” males chiming on about how they don’t like those girls with all the makeup because that’s a sign of insecurity, and you need to embrace how you naturally look!! Okay - on second thought, I will begin to express how sick and tired I am.

First of all, your average male can’t tell the difference between a girl wearing zero makeup, and a girl wearing her makeup really well so it all looks natural. Yeah, it can be done. You might think you like us looking natural, but that’s only if our skin is completely flawless. I mean, if you like our natural skin so much, why do you snicker about girls with bad acne? You might think you like us sans makeup, but you really just like us with enough concealer and foundation on to make us appear to be sans makeup.

And secondly, if you really gave a shit about a woman’s self-esteem, you wouldn’t be generalizing women who wear extravagant or more-than-average makeup as insecure. 

Makeup, just like however else you choose to decorate the rest of your body, can be a form of self-expression. For some, they just want to add a bit of concealer to cover up those dark-circles when they have a nasty hang-over. For others, it’s art. Their face is the blank canvas and their eyeshadow palette is more than just colourful powders, but ways to express their mood or match their day. Thanks for your top notch psychoanalysis, but I'm keeping my blush and concealer on. 

Our outlets for our personal insecurities can be a huge number of things. A woman who wears a lot of makeup might be insecure, but so can a woman who wears none at all. To equate insecurity with how much foundation a woman wears or the shade of lipstick she chooses is absurd and shows just how ignorant you really are. The amount of eyeliner I wear does not determine whether I cry myself to sleep at night. What if women started to insist that men who wear baseball caps all day are insecure, and that we just love your head the way it is!!! Yeah, pretty annoying right? 

And I’ll be fair here, it’s not just the guys that are saying it. I hear plenty of women saying it too. And to those women, I’d like to say, you’re not cutting edge or more confident than the rest of us for insisting that too much makeup is gross. You’re actually just harbouring a lot of internalized misogyny. Not cool. 

Yeah, you shouldn’t be telling a woman to wear more makeup, but you also shouldn’t necessarily be telling her to wear less. In fact, you shouldn’t be telling her to wear or not wear anything. That’s called body-policing, and it’s not cute.





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