L Woods A Manly Checklist

There’s really no worse feeling than being unprepared or underdressed. Just kidding, getting super close to an orgasm and then not finishing takes the cake, but being unprepared or underdressed comes close! To ensure you never have to feel that embarrassment, here’s a cute little list of things all you gentlemen should have, at all times.

Condoms – Tons. Lots.  Borderline too many. It’s always better to have too many than not enough. For the record, you should have around 21 in your home at all times, 3X per day is acceptable.

Lube – A variety is good. Plain, flavored, doesn’t matter, just enough to keep things exciting and running, um, smoothly. Just stay away from anything that “warms” because when they say it’s warming, they really mean it will scald you. Ouch.

Mints/Gum – Because garlic and sex are SO good on their own but lethal when mixed.

Oral Skills – Okay, so you can’t buy this in a drugstore. They’re still a necessity.

Bodywash – Nothing makes a girl want to drag you into the shower more than when you smell like you just got out of one. Plus it’s hot to rub all over each other as shower-sex foreplay and you avoid the whole dropping-the-bar-soap awkwardness.

Good Taste in Music – Okay, again, you can’t buy this in a drugstore either but it’s a huge turn on. For the record, dubstep is unacceptable as background music. (Really, at all.) It fucks up our sexual rhythm. 

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