L Woods Military Men - God's Gift to Women

Ask any woman what she looks for in a man and I guarantee you it will be some variation of “a nice guy with an edge.” Nothing fits that description better than a military man. This past weekend I did some personal research for you ladies, (my job is seriously difficult) and have come up with a few reasons why we all need a little one-on-one time with some of the great, sexy men who serve our country. If you’re not already fantasizing about that drill sergeant, you will be.

1. Who can resist a man in uniform? No one. Cliché? Maybe, but I’m willing to look past it.

2. Muscles. Everywhere. Who doesn’t want to be with a guy who can hold you on their shoulders for the entire set-list of The Sheepdogs while simultaneously jamming, drinking a pint, and eating a hotdog like it ain’t no thing?

3. “You’ll have to speak up. I spend a lot of time around machine gun fire so my hearing isn’t so great.” Where did my panties go?

4. Dominance. They spend a lot of time taking orders but once they’re in the bedroom, they’re the ones in charge. So. Hot.

5. Early risers. In more ways than one.

6. Stamina. I mean, seriously….

7. Chivalry. Whether it’s holding doors open, paying for drinks, or pushing you to the front of the crowd so you have a perfect view for Brand New, they’ll do it without a second thought.

8. Patriotism. I love this country. There’s nothing sexier than a man who is willing to risk everything for it.

We should always support our troops, not just because they’re fucking great in bed, but because of all of the amazing things they’re doing for us while we’re doing keg-stands and sleeping past noon. I do highly encourage the great sex though.



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