Kyle Towers modernizing famous quotations & adages: Pt.2

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side: This only applies to a select number of people- those who own sections of grass. Humanity is moving toward high rise living areas, especially as population increases. We need to stop concerning ourselves with wasting fresh water and using pesticides to make our grass greener. Unless you’re from Texas, who gives a hooey if your neighbour’s grass is greener?

Modern offering: The Ass is Always Firmer in the Other Pants

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: What are you waiting for? You could die tomorrow. Of course it’s good to plan for your future, but don’t let those plans restrain you from living in the now.

Modern offering: While You Were Waiting, I Took What You Wanted

If The Shoe Fits, Wear It: It is sometimes a good thing to accept who you are- unless you’re a douche. If you’re a douche, don’t embrace that aspect of yourself. For the better of society, please make some changes and don’t put on those Crocs or Uggs.

Modern Offering: Wear the Soles that Enrich Your Soul

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