Paul Parillo Movember hath Cometh*

I knew when I was a young boy growing up in the mountains of Turduckistan, I’d grow a moustache of impeccable quality; it would transcend physicality and manliness, whilst spreading hope and awareness to an otherwise timid and uniformed race of humans. Eventually this happened, and with the participation of a growing number of like minded mavericks – the “Movember” movement was given its genesis. Now, once a year, men all over the world are given the confidence to adorn some otherwise unfashionable facial hair, and remind themselves to get the devastatingly important prostate examination.

Even though Movember hasn’t been around long, millions and millions of dollars have been raised - with Canadians boasting one of the top monetary accomplishments in the world. In 2011, Canada raised $38.1 million dollars (the most out of any country) totaling the global amount to $100 million. It’s a rewarding sensation to witness such nobility from all the varied cultures and countries that come together for such an important topic. And when awareness is advertised as the most effective form of preventative medicine, one can’t help but feel proud to be part of something so efficient.

Generally, one can’t attribute style and current social trends to charity organizations, let alone ones regarding cancer. But it seems as though the Movember movement has become almost prophetic in its ability to recognize how effective tapping into the social psyche can be - part of the success of this charitable organization is due to this very fact. In a generation where geeky, nerdy, intelligence (even to a point of pretentiousness at times) and awkwardness all equate to attractive idiosyncrasies – what could be more complementary than giving justification to the hairless upper lips of men around the world?

Another fantastic element of Movember is it’s incorporation of the male counterpart – women. “Mosistas” as they’re referred to, help give this charity another dimension of quality. Added support (financially and personally) it’s like the organization doubles its army size. And since, women (mothers, sisters, girlfriends etc) will be the ones helping to get us through this, who wouldn’t want them around?

Grow a moustache (if you can), raise some money and feel good doing it. It’s not every day a noble cause can bring about charity and facial hair. Moustache rides for everyone!

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