L Woods n64 is still sexy

Gamers are sexy in their own way. They possess nimble fingers, commitment to the task, and they love to work on their technique for hours on end. What’s not to love?

Nowadays they’re all about the fancy gaming consoles and complicated controllers, which seem to have more buttons than a computer keyboard. The games have so many small details and little rules now which make them seem a lot more intimidating than they used to be. They seem more like full-time jobs rather than games you play for fun.

There’s nothing wrong with a man who can navigate his way around a complex, simulated world, but it can get pretty boring to watch.

When it comes to gaming, the hottest thing you can do is whip out your old Nintendo 64. If we’re going to sit next to each other on a couch, I’d much rather being playing some old school Mario Kart rather than watching a horror movie and awkwardly cuddling – especially if you let me be Toad.

Having the newest technology may impress your buddies, but if you want to impress the girl you’re with, stick with the classics. Just try not to lose your cool when you fall off the edge of Rainbow Road: nobody likes a sore loser.

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