Paul Parillo The Naked Truth

Life is all about the simple pleasures; indulging in something that makes you happy on a non-superficial basis can be incredibly rewarding. I have no doubt that everyone has their own idiosyncratic version of this, but I’m certain there is one common, inescapable activity that everyone finds enjoyable – walking around naked in the confines of your home. Do I need to explain why this is so liberating? Probably not, but for the interest of proper article length, I will.

It really comes down to the way we were first introduced to the world: naked. Unadulterated, organic and free, we might not remember coming out of our mother’s dark cavern of life, but the sensation of being a naked baby remains etched within our human condition. So imagine the countless years of repression that occurred as a result of wearing clothes – going against the grain without even knowing it.

Eventually, you wake up in your home one day wondering why things have become stale and uninteresting. You begin getting changed for the day when, just as you notice your naked self in the mirror, you realize what your life has been missing. That’s how it begins – and the moment you put the undergarments down, the veritable “red pill” of your existence has now taken hold.

Who would’ve thunk it, that simply existing without clothes could promote a healthy body image, self confidence, and liberation? Take any house-hold chore – it’s boring right? Now take that household chore and go about it in the buff. Right? Isn’t it great? Believe it or not, I’ve been writing this entire article with my penis – can you even imagine the dexterity I possess?!

Walking around naked in your home shares a similar moral quality with things like: dancing like no one’s watching, singing in the shower, shitting with the bathroom door open etc. These simple things are usually forgotten, but on refreshingly rare occasions, the indulgence of such activities helps remind ourselves to enjoy life; that we’re meant to be naked, free and happy.

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