Hana Shafi Nasty Things Girls Do

Girls are kind of gross. Seriously, we do some downright nasty shit. And I like to hear straight guys talk about what they love about girls and it just makes me giggle because it’s amazing how well we’ve apparently fooled them. Want proof, here are some nasty things that girls most definitely do.

1. Squeezing ingrown hairs and then analyzing them. We love to get microscopic views of thick ingrown hairs we’ve squeezed out of our badly shaven legs. 

2. Wearing the same underwear when you’re on your period because you think wearing a pad makes it different. This one isn’t just for girls, but anyone with a uterus basically. Pretty much anything goes when you’re on your period, it’s hygiene anarchy.

3. Sleeping in your makeup and then waking up the next day and applying more makeup on top of your old makeup. Hey, sometimes washing your face seems like an impossible feat. 

4. If a girl is gonna take the time to straighten/curl her hair, you best bet she’s gonna skip washing her hair for a good few days. We can’t just break our fingers over straighteners and curling irons only to wash our hair the next day. That’s absurd!

5. Sometimes we have sensitive nipples. We decide to be daring and go braless and there’s one shirt that said sensitive nipples just don’t agree with. Angry nipples = lubing them up with vaseline while sobbing to yourself in your room. Yup, this is our plight.

Shall I continue? Trust me, there’s more. There’s some really bizarre shit that we get up to. But for now I’ll keep it to myself. Note: many of these can also apply to guys who wear makeup, shave/wax, etc. Keep rocking that nasty stuff ladies! 

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