Elizabeth Victoria Nerd Chic: Tailor your Inner Geek

In middle school, hearing the word “geek” mentioned in the same sentence as your name could be pretty devastating, but the tides have turned. Between the fascination with Mark Zuckerburg (among many other in the Silicon Valley), and the influx of nerdy girl icons like Zooey Deschenel and a popular sitcom celebrating nerds in The Big Bang Theory, there is absolutely no doubt that nerds rule the world. If you’re looking to embrace your inner geek and dress the part, here are a few suggestions to get you started.


Every major geek chic icon, from Enid from Ghost World to Daria, wore spectacles. Being called a four-eyes isn’t anything to be ashamed of anymore. But, the key to nerd chic is a sense of authenticity. If you don’t have need for glasses, don’t wear them – prescription-less glasses are for hipsters, not geeks. If you’re looking for frames with that are the perfect mix of geek and chic, my favourites right now are by Warby Parker.

Oxford Shoes

Oxfords, brogues, Derbys (or whatever slight variation you prefer) work for both guys and girls and are an integral part of creating a look that is collegiate chic.


Again, cardigans work for both genders. While cardigans often bring to mind the dowdy secretary or the private school uniform, that is part of the charm that makes them geek chic. Worn with a stiff collared shirt buttoned alllllllll the way up and a pair of khakis creates a look that is incredibly smart, in both senses of the word.

Graphic tee

While I still feel it’s too soon for the graphic tee to come back, the fashion cycle seems to disagree. With all the options out there, graphic tees are the perfect way to express your inner geek by referencing your love for all things nerd.  This lends itself to incorporating geek references into your wardrobe in general. This is a great blog if you’re looking for inspiration: http://www.nerdyfashionblog.com/

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