Liam Montgomery Up North

An indisputable love for hip-hop can be found in the Canadian West Coast. Vancouver being the only city on this side of the rock we feel like we are the connection to west coastin’ pleb ployin’. I mean Montreal and have NYC so we get Cali, going going back back to Cali Cali. With that being said though we have a pretty lame history in the world of rap.

We got Swollen Members, Rascalz and, and, and, uhhh Moka Only? Rascalz tight hands down and I did spend a good chunk of my youth with Swollen Members in my Discman. That’s not to say that there is’nt hip-hop heads out here doing their own thing, from basement jam sessions, drunk freestyles, to professional production and big name cameos. At the pinnacle of this new generation of Western Canadian music is a half Jap quarter black spitfire by the name of Matt Brevner.

For the last 5 years, senior year, Matt B has chipped his way, from mix-tape trunk sales, to Shambhala to touring with Bone Thugz-n-Harmony, bone buh-bone bone bone. Gearing up to make his mark, he ghetto style scrapped every penny together to still produce his latest project on a shoe string.

The track titled “Jitters,” to be released late September is a special project. Combining three generations of Western Canadian music, with appearances from Dutch Robinson from the Ohio Players, Madchild from Swollen Members and of course Matt Brevner from B-sharp productions (Matt B, C.E.O). “Jitters,” is a track that unifies these three styles through the theme of losing hope and finding redemption.

When asked about the production process of his most recent project Matt told me that, “it was just meant to be.” He spoke of how Madchild was so stoked for the project that he suggested that the single should have a dual release, one being on Madchild’s debut solo album titled “Dope Sick,” and that Dutch Robinson approached B-sharp to see if he could contribute to the project.

The video fell into place as well. With newly built sets in a Langley studio and with St. Andrews Cathedral on board with supporting local art and a bad ass wardrobe the video takes you right to Board Walk Empire with Nucky Thompson. The video plays a narrative of two rum runners dealing with their personal demons of living on the wrong side of the law.

Look out for it suckers it’s going to be a banger, and this is a note to look out for Vancity to make Canada’s next big mark in the hip-hop game.

Liam Montgomery

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