Hana Shafi High School: Not Exactly Like Beverly Hills

Can you imagine if TV shows about high school actually portrayed it as it truly was?

Let’s be honest - those often cringe-worthy four years were probably nothing like Beverly Hills 90210; they were probably about ten times less exciting and a hundred times uglier (unless you had bunch of actors bordering on supermodels walking around your school). 

And to make the vast difference between a high school TV show and high school in real life even clearer, I’m gonna show you some comparisons too obvious to ignore.

1. For every insanely gorgeous 27-year-old woman playing a teenager on TV, there are dozens of actual 16-year-olds just starting to become hot, but that still haven’t mastered coordinating the right bra with a white v-neck tee. And there are probably even more still staring at new stress pimples in the morning contemplating whether it’s a good idea to just pop the damn thing.

2. For every wild TV show high school party with five kegs and hipster-y Christmas lights all around the pool, there’s actually just an awkwardly cramped high school party stuck in someone’s basement. Most people are trying desperately to look cool, then the host gets panicked because some 20-year-old victory lappers that no one has ever heard of decided to crash. 

3. Somehow, in all these teen shows, they portray high school as one of the most eventful and dramatic times of your life. I mean, seriously dramatic. The main character gets pregnant, abducted, famous, and then wins the lottery in the same year. I know that high school is supposed to be some kind of changing point, but if I can’t think of anyone in my ENTIRE school who experienced any of that, then you know the script-writers are doing something wrong. 

4. And lastly, for every super hot TV-show teacher giving you heartfelt advice after class, there’s one - okay, maybe six - grumpy old teachers just waiting to eat you alive when you forgot to print your essay and ask to go to the lab. Or they’re just totally zoned out and they wave you away to go get it done. 

I appreciate and understand the need for some entertainment value, but if there was a show that actually that cut all the glamorized, melodramatic bullshit and focused on some truly gritty story-telling about how high school actually is, I think we’d be surprised at how many teens would actually tune in. In the mean time, I guess we’re stuck with watching teen shows about high-schoolers with perfect six packs, fancy cars, and extravagant parties. Maybe it’ll even make us forget just how boring those long forgotten four years really were.

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