Hana Shafi Nothing Better Than A Good Concert*

Only at a concert can you flail your arms in the dark and not look completely ridiculous; usually that’s what you’re supposed to be doing. Plus, it looks kind of awesome when everyone is flailing in unison. 

Concerts are probably the best experiences you’ll have in life. You get that really alive, hectic atmosphere that you might find at a club, but without all the tacky clothes, pick-up artists, and general grossness of every human body in the club trying to grind on you. Don’t get me wrong - the dancing is fun, but at a certain point you just turn around and wonder who the fuck is rubbing up against your ass. 

With concerts, it’s more about really enjoying the music and basically having this really unified party of fans who love that person at the mic just as much as you do. I find that there’s also a greater sense of social intimacy. Before the main act comes on, take the time to talk to the fans around you. Usually, you meet some really cool people that you can gush about all the good songs with. And nobody will hear how badly you sing as your voice just meshes in with the rest of the screaming fans. 

You might stumble across a few assholes committing concert fouls (shoving and hitting to get to the front, not cool), but you’ll also find that most of the fans at the venue won’t tolerate that bullshit. Concerts are about not just hearing, but experiencing music you love on an even bigger level than just your pair of headphones, not getting beaten to a pulp because some asshole just isn’t satisfied with the space given to him. 

Those sweaty mosh pits might look intimidating to a first-timer, but you’d be surprised how kind people can be in the midst of it. When a friend of mine fell down in a mosh pit, instead of the surrounding people trampling him to death, they lifted him up so high that he was crowd-surfing. That’s pretty kick ass. Mosh pits can be dangerous, but usually there are enough security guards around to hoist you out if things are getting too intense (trust me, I speak from experience). 

Concerts are a truly unique experience and if the performer(s) you’re seeing really did a good job, you’ll be gleaming about it for days. You won’t even mind that first look in the mirror when you finally come home, usually followed by a horrified gasp and then a satisfied smile. 

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