Owen Leskovar OK Cupid Quantifies Your Sex Life

I love OK Cupid.

Not only are they a non-shitty dating site, they employ some bitching statisticians and I get hard for high-level math.

This time time they took their computational powers to the streets. And by "the streets" I mean "the bedroom."

What are the findings? Well some of my favs are the following:

-Atheists like rough sex (we sure do!)

-Women who don't work out find it harder to get off
(get off the couch and onto a bike...or a dick)

- The older a man gets, the more he wants rough sex

-People who use Twitter a lot have shorter relationships.

There's lots of other great stuff, so check it all out here: http://blog.okcupid.com/


Yeah I've seen it cause it. And tell your man to wash his hands and his stuff once in a while and you won't get the UTI as easily.

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