Owen Leskovar Old Fashioned Dick Conditioning

Even people with no psych education understand basic conditioning: you pair stimuli together to tie them to a response. Pavlov paired the ringing of a bell with food. But you know what's better?

Pairing your presence with hot hot sex. Humans are just as easy (maybe easier) to condition as any other animal. Think about it: you're conditioned to start getting ready to leave when you see a certain number displayed on a clock, to go eat when people utter certain words, and to give scripted responses to common conversational stimuli. So let's do some science and get laid more. To start, all you need is a partner who loves sex. Sex is like money: you need sex to get sex, ya dig? So let's do it.

First, be unscented. Wash off that cologne and perfume, and swear off strongly-scented shampoo and deodorant. Wait a few weeks so you can extinguish the prior associations. Now here's what you're going to do: you're going to cover your dick or vagina with a novel-smelling perfume or cologne. When your partner smells it, they'll clearly be aroused, since they're near your naughty bits. Keep this routine up for several weeks, avoiding this smell everywhere else.

Now, just like Pavlov's dogs associated a bell with food, your partner will associate this smell with hot hot oral sex. Now it's time to have some fun. Wear the cologne or perfume on your exterior. Go to a dinner party or a sports game. Spray a dab when your partner's been a pain in the ass or is having a lull in their sex drive. This conditioned stimulus (the smell) should now trigger the conditioned response (arousal). Train your mate, have more sex!


Having been a dancer slmeyf back in my gorgeous days, I can tell you that yes your back, feet, legs and just about everything else will hurt when you have a busy night regardless of your physical condition. As far as the way dancers smell .well it is common sense really. No one (unless they have a body odor fetish) wants to smell a stinky woman. Therefore I would always take a long luxurious bath before work, apply a scented lotion, body sprays, deodorants, and perfumes. If I got hot during a set I would immediately go off stage to the dressing room, dry off and reapply, and include powder in my freshening up ritual. As far as average income of a dancer well that depends on the dancer. If she is a hustler then she is doing just fine. If she is lazy then I'm sure she is just scraping by. You can tell the difference too by their outfits. If their shoes are scuffed or their white outfits don't look so white anymore, then they are at the bottom when it comes to salary.

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