Hana Shafi One For The Commuters

If you’re a commuter, then you know that commuting sucks. But living in the city is expensive at fuck, so you suck it up and board your respective bus or train day by day. Commuting means that whatever class/job you have that day, you’ve got to wake up at least 3 hours earlier to factor in transportation times. And if you wanna spend a night out, you’re anxiously asking anyone you know in Toronto if you can crash at their place to avoid a drunken sprint to catch the last bus. 

That daily routine used to make me feel like total shit (and sometimes still does), but alas, I’ve found ways to cope. And coping with it is integral unless decent apartments suddenly become affordable in the heart of Toronto. 

If you’ve read previous articles of mine, you’ll know that I’m a big advocate of people watching. I don’t care how stupid this sounds, but people-watching can be super fun for all the reasons I listed said aforementioned articles.

But of course, people-watching takes a certain degree of mental awareness, and when you’re tired as fuck and zombie-like in the morning, it just seems like a monumental effort. Thankfully, there are many other ways to cope with the boredom and exhaustion of commuting. 

There is, of course, the ever popular nap (just make sure you don’t miss your stop). Reading is awesome for when you’re on the train, but can equal some serious motion-sickness if you’re on the bus. Here’s my personal favourite: listen to melodramatic sad music on the bus and stare out the window like you’re in a music video. I don’t know what it is about watching highways rolling by, but suddenly I can listen to a song about a woman bashing that dirty lying bastard and somehow I can relate. The bus ride ends and I realize that I have no idea who the dirty lying bastard in my life is, but for a second there I felt like a heartbroken yet empowered diva. 

Either that, or you listen to some mellow acoustic indie stuff and still think you’re in a music video, but I prefer to keep those for commutes during the sunset. You gotta create that ambience, y’know.

Go find your favourite over-the-top song and pretend that your life is some really intense dramatic Oscar film on the bus. Then you can zone out, go home, and finally realize once your headphones are off that you’re not part of a group of outcasted peace activists in a dystopian future (why do highways spur these feelings, I don’t know, just go with it). 

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