Owen Leskovar Only losers play favourites

Do you have a favourite band? Let's hope not. Playing favourites is just too much of a commitment, and all it does is demonstrate your boring lack of variety and utter void of exploration.

I used to have a favourite band back when I was a teenager. I'd wear the t-shirts, pay for all of the CDs, and tell people about how awesome his music was at every opportunity. But then two things happened: I discovered the full power of the internet and developed my taste for indie hipster girls. 

When I was swapping mix CDs with a hot librarian lookalike, I suddenly needed to find 20 different bands with a song worth sharing. And they couldn't be shit that she'd heard before. I was young and naive, so I started with the Toronto indie scene, but it wasn't long before I realized that Stars, Feist, and Broken Social Scene were just the Top 40 of indie: EVERYONE knew them.

I had no cred. So in order to get into the pants of all these awesome ladies, I had to do better. I read music blogs, browsed obscure message boards, and perused the forums of a Finnish power metal band. But amid all of this musical sluttery, I realized something: I had no time to listen to my "favourite band" any more! There's so much music out there, that you're really missing out if you spend half of your time listening to one artist.

So do you know what it means when you have a favourite band? It means that you don't really like music.

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