Hana Shafi The Plight of Buying Lingerie

Going through my laundry the other day, I was struck by the realization that all my underwear has either pictures of monkeys wearing antlers, bulldogs wearing christmas hats (I don’t know I just thought it was cute), says “Surf Pink” or “Love Pink” in all kinds of embarrassing glitter letters, or is the indestructible kind for that horrific monthly event.

So I trekked to the Eaton Centre and went where every woman goes when she realizes her undergarments are not sexy in the least bit—the land of the self-esteem crushing “Angels”: Victoria’s Secret. 

Of course, I went straight for the lace-y stuff, and after picking out what I believed to be a fantastic selection of sexy undies, thank you very much, I then collided with my second realization: I’m kind of poor. But let’s be real here, once you’ve got all that wonderful sexy stuff in your hands, you cannot be swayed by logic or responsibility. The ever popular shopping-spree justification takes over: I deserve to treat myself every now and then! With this in mind, I headed into the bra section. If I could at least get just one snazzy bra, I’d be satisfied with my shopping. 

Well, I did get one snazzy bra, and now I need to make a much better effort to pack my lunches for the rest of the month and staying the fuck away from Starbucks (damn you enticing Christmas-themed drinks!). 

If you’ve ever needed an upgrade on your lingerie stash, or lack thereof, than you know just how pricey shopping for lingerie can be. And as much as I will myself to stay away from Victoria’s Secret, I admit that their marketing has deeply infiltrated my thought process and I’m just not going to feel sexy in less expensive underwear from Walmart. 

So even though I'm now cash-less, maybe the money is worth it. Debates over the actual quality of the product aside, the marketing that goes along with it is so effective that the psychological effect of that sexy lingerie might be valid justification for those who decide they wanted to splurge a bit. As much as I love my comfy underwear with pictures of monkeys wearing antlers on it, every now and then I feel pretty damn confident knowing that underneath my clothes I’ve got some really hot stuff on. And there is a powerful sense of satisfaction in knowing that you can entice so and so with those lace-y goods. 

With winter coming in fast, and therefore more people staying indoors, you can bet that spending an absurd amount of money on fancy lingerie is going to increase. Nothing beats that cold winter chill like a pair of skimpy barely-covering-anything undies! 

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