Hana Shafi Rant On

When I go out with a group of friends, I may suddenly go off into a passionate rant about something political, the song that’s playing in the bar right now, or why I prefer tequila over vodka. And anyone who is charismatic and pumped for having a good time will always join right in and contribute to the conversation. But then there are the boring ones, they’re not shy or reserved, they just think they’re far too cool to give a shit. These are the ones who just sit there and skeptically stare at you or give some petty, highly unnecessary comment like “wow you’re really excited about that...” 

Well, no shit. What is it with some people and their aversion to passion? What’s the point of being in good company when all you want to do is nonchalantly bob your head, hold your glass of sub par wine like a chalice of your own pretentiousness, and throw in a few monotone comments here and there that you have mistaken for some form of dry wit? 

Passion is good. People flailing their arms, using huge body language, opening their mouth too wide, and going a little bit insane is GOOD. It’s not only the way a conversation gets interesting, but it is the surest way of getting to know someone and potentially seeing the best and most vibrant side to them that you otherwise would not get a chance to see. Even the quietest of people have something to get excited about and it’s something I love to experience. I know seeing someone eye’s light up is just another cliche, but the phrase rings true when you have the pleasure of seeing someone talk about what they really love.

My worst tendency was to apologize every time I launched into one of these passionate rants, but I know longer think apologies are necessary. The head-bobbing aloof individuals of a group are not what is going to make the a night worth remembering, nor will they contribute even the slightest amount of excitement or significance to a conversation. Conversations should not be about mindlessly droning on about where you went to school or what the weather is, they should be loud and rambunctious and a little bit messy. During a night out (or night in) with friends, there’s nothing cool about nonchalance. 


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