Hana Shafi The Resurrection of Fort-Making

Winter always seems to bring about random waves of nostalgia. Maybe it’s all the snowfall, or just saying cooped up in my bedroom for dangerously long periods of time, but winter always gets my friends and I reminiscing about our childhood.

I haven’t made a snowman in I’m not even sure how many years, and the thought kind of depresses me. The overload of “grown-up” problems, as in copious amounts of school and work-related stress, always mean that when there is finally time to do something, everyone wants to go all out. If you and your workmates have all had a difficult month, everyone arranges to go out to some seedy bar, because that’s all you can afford, and get completely shit faced with the hopes that one night of ridiculously irresponsible drinking will numb the ills inflicted upon you by evil bosses and snooty professors. I won’t lie, I too am attracted to the appeal of such a night; so much that my friends and I are now always on the hunt for even cheaper seedy bars. 

But now, I find myself secretly wishing that a night of stress relief could consist of building a fort out of my bedsheets, overdosing on a box of Oreos, and watching Home Alone with my friends. I try not to overly romanticize the idea of childhood, because I think it still had some difficult parts that we tend to glaze over because it doesn’t seem as important as the problems we have now, but man, building forts was the fucking best and I’m sad that it never happens anymore. 

If my idea of luxurious stress relief was still going to the gas station behind my house and buying a slushie and having a brain freeze contest with my friend, I’d probably be a lot richer (though I’m beginning to wonder whether those years of brain freeze contests left permanent damage). Those simple pleasures made up some of the best memories of my entire life and it seems that as we age, stress relief and having fun is constantly booted up to more and more extravagant, not to mention expensive, things. The stress of a fast-paced everyday routine means that bedroom forts and snow angels just don’t cut it. Now we’ve gotta get fancy reservations, go to tourist-packed resorts, or check into day spas. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a fancy night out and any excuse to get all dolled up, but I plan on spending the holidays re-conditioning myself to appreciate those simple things again.

And since I can’t, and frankly do not want to, completely revert back to my childhood, I plan on including a bottle of the cheapest chardonnay I can find in my kick ass fort. There we go, it’s the best of both worlds. 


I now hove plans for my next day off!

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