Michael Turnbull Roommate trauma

I will never move in with a girl I'm not seeing. I grew up in a household full of women. I have no problems keeping the rhythm of the household, putting things where they belong, and maintaining order. I love that shit, and in fact, I'd prefer to do so even with male roomies, because disorganized chaos and an abysmal mess leads to us not getting laid.

The problem is not due to comfort, it's the evening I come home horny and drunk. It will either be the last evening we spend together, the evening I land the girl and things begin to change, or I pussy out and feel insecure every time I look at her afterwards. This is the progression. You see, boys can't help but find females attractive. When living with any girl you aren't related to, the lifestyle the two of you may lead begins to grow on each other, or it goes sour. Usually when you choose a member of the opposite sex to live with, you choose someone compatible, someone you like, or would like... to fuck. Attraction is not a choice, its wired in.

The instant something clicks you can't go back to what it was before. Most people think this is total shit, but that's just how it goes. So I'm a cute boy who enters into a living situation with a hot girl (hopefully two, lets run for a more interesting evening) and one day I realize in my stupor, or in total sobriety, that the girl I've been living with looks really good in her skin. When she struts around for cereal in the morning with nothing more than a tank top and booty shorts, I cannot help but wonder what could be. Though I brush this off every time it happens, that itch occasionally needs to be scratched. Now this can go many ways:

The way that it usually goes is that the boy keeps his feelings to himself, masturbates to the thought of the girl, or to her scantily clad facebook pictures. He tries to work up the courage to explain the situation to her, fantasises about it all working out, doesn't really think the situation through and spews out that he 'loves her,' or something 10x creepier, and ruins their relationship from then on. Usually this follows with her finding a hot as fuck guy to slam, and the boy cries himself to sleep.

Now boys aren't the only ones with feelings, this could totally go the opposite way. He could accidentally lead her on by being an awesome roommate! She catches a crush, starts to run into him 'by mistake' in the shower while she has to get herself ready for work. The problem is that he wants to respect her, so he calls her his friend, and only sleeps with girls he likes at their houses. Eventually the word gets out, he comes home with a girl by accident, or she attempts the make out on the couch after drinking for an evening, and then things change. I hope he doesn't break her heart.

The way it would go with me though, would be that of the respectful boy who accidentally has or lands a crush. The difference is that I would act on it. See, I can't deal with all the 'sexual tension' bullshit unless it's entertaining. Coming home to a cute, exciting girl will only be harder once we begin to exchange passing glances. It's dangerous. What if we wait too long? I like her and she finally gives up? Maybe she likes me but I'm too much of a 'nice guy' to make the move. Whatever the reason, if we don't get it out of the way, someone is going to end up unhappy, so why can't we both at least get a fun evening (or three) out of it?

Is it really so bad? Sure in six months the place may become a war zone, but at least there will be fond memories to reminisce about, as I dodge the flying iron intended to end my life.

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