Hana Shafi A Rum and Coke Costs How Much?!

Going to a party or club feeling mildly wealthy and leaving with not enough money for the cab ride home is an experience almost everyone can relate too. A few absurdly small shots and a rum and coke later, and you just spent more than you earn in a day. 

Hence the popularity of pre-drinking, which I find still doesn’t do the trick because one will often find themselves losing their perfect buzz on the half an hour to forty minute subway ride to wherever, or jumping the gun with all the shots you took at so and so’s place, and by the time you get to the venue you forget who you are.

And as desperate as this sounds, most of us get to a certain point in the night when you just need a bit more alcohol to keep your euphoric level of tipsy-ness at a constant stream, and so you end up somehow taking beer bottles from out of people’s hands and allowing yourselves a few swigs of their beer. And they don’t care because they have no idea what’s going on anyways. Maybe not the most classy or hygienic thing to do, but certainly cost-effective. 

To make matters worse, a cup of cold water is practically the same price as a shot of tequila. At a Halloween party I recently went to, I was genuinely so happy that there was— get this—FREE WATER. It slightly made up for the fact that the drinks were expensive as fuck and I was ridiculously poor by the end of the night. Poor, but I had an awesome time. Oh, the sacrifices we must make.

Is it too much to ask for that for once in my life I’d love to go to a venue that actually served alcohol that doesn’t end up costing my friends and I the same price we may for our horribly expensive university textbooks? With the cost of only one beer at some of these places, coupled with the cost of the cover/ticket charge, coat check, tips, and transportation, that DJ better play the song I requested. 

So to all my readers, I wish you many more weekends of wonderful partying, but hope that your wallet survives the attack. Cheers! 

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