Hannah Star secret life of the american frat bro

Ever since I started college, I’ve always assumed that there’s a lot of latent homosexuality in fraternities. Maybe I just don’t understand the powerful bonds of “brotherhood”, but the relationships that frat bros have with each other seem to go beyond the realm of ordinary friendship. And I’ve heard stories too: about pledging rituals where guys have to hold each other’s penises or make out for the amusement of the frats’ more senior members. And yet, on the outside, fraternities – at least at my school – market themselves as super-macho, tough, and womanizing. So I’ve always wondered: are there lots of closeted gay frat boys who hide their homosexuality behind the mask of Greek life? Well, last night I got a clue.

I was going to visit one of my friend’s rooms in her residence hall last night. Not wanting to walk outside in the cold, I figured I’d cut through the residence hall’s common rooms to get there. Approaching the door to one of the common rooms, I could hear music coming from inside. It sounded like a party was going on. I opened the door to find a group of frat bros – all football players, in fact – dancing around, rubbing up against each other, and slapping each other’s asses.

As soon as they spotted me, one of them yelled, “YO!!! A CHICK!!!!!” It was the warning sign to stop what they were doing and start behaving like stereotypical frat bros. Another yelled “NICE TITS!!!!” while yet another shouted “SUCK MY DICK!!!!!” It was as if they had to cover up whatever they’d been doing with overt, over-the-top performances of heterosexuality.

Of course, if you’re a guy who wants to slap other consenting men’s asses, that’s totally cool. I think girls’ asses are pretty awesome, personally. But I wish those frat bros had the confidence to own their sexualities, and not feel the pressure to overcompensate with ridiculous, obscene displays of stereotypical masculinity. If the bonds of “brotherhood” are really as strong as they’re supposed to be, members should be supportive of one other’s sexualities, not encouraging them to disguise their sexual preferences under the guise of “womanizing frat bro.”

And for the record, I did not submit to the frat bro’s request that I suck his dick. With any luck, one of his fellow butt-slapping brothers might one day feel comfortable enough with his sexuality to do it for him.


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