L Woods Shit Girls Do, Explained: Attaching Ourselves to TV Shows

At my place a typical Thursday night consists of my roommate and I crying over the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. We’re not the only ones. Every night of the week there’s a different show on TV that somehow manages to reduce it’s viewers to tears, yet they keep coming back. Personally, I take about an hour to recover after a particularly dramatic episode. When Owen admitted to Christina that he cheated on her? It left me in hysterics. I’ve been asked many times why I don’t simply stop watching since it obviously has such a negative effect on my emotional state. It’s not that easy. Girls cannot simply give up on their show, something that they’ve grown to love. Here’s why:

 Reason #1: We love drama. Maybe not in our own lives, but when there is juicy gossip that doesn’t actually concern us on a personal level, we cannot get enough. Our shows often have a way of dragging out the drama over the course of an entire season, so when Callie cheats on her lesbian lover with Mark and suddenly finds herself pregnant with his baby, we can’t not watch.

 Reason #2: Hot men. Have you ever seen a girly show that doesn’t contain a shitload of hot male actors? Of course not. Honestly, fans of the show Hart of Dixie don’t actually care whether Zoe ends up with George or Wade, we just want to see one of them shirtless. If not them then the hot vet, or a visiting cousin…seriously we’re just happy with any hot guy.

 Reason #3: It’s your fault. (It always is, amiright?) Since you’re not a badass vampire like Damon and Stefan, a hot surgeon like McDreamy and McSteamy, or a resourceful plane-crash surviving doctor like Jack, we turn elsewhere to get our kicks. If you’re lucky we’ll use our favorite shows as role-playing inspiration in the bedroom, but you better do those characters justice otherwise we just won’t be satisfied. Perhaps you should watch the show with us every week, you know, to get some pointers and stuff.

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