Hannah Star Shower Power

It’s the end of June, it hasn’t rained for weeks, and it’s so hot that the air above the roads is doing that thing where it gets squiggly-looking.

When you’re sweating your balls off around the clock and spending the majority of your time standing naked beneath your ceiling fan, the last place you probably want to have sex is under the covers.Summertime, with its deadly sweltering heat waves, is a great time to try out new sex locations that won’t make you so hot – temperature-wise, at least. My suggestion? Ditch your bed and head for the shower.

Pretty much anything you do in bed becomes better when you do it in the shower. Beds feel so conventional, whereas the setting of a shower holds some sort of risky excitement, like you’re breaking the rules. The physical structure of the shower also prevents you from reverting to the same old lying-down positions that you’ve gotten so used to. You’ll have fun discovering new poses...not to mention bending in directions you never thought your body was capable of. And then there are the wonders of hot water and soap, which enhance the whole steamy affair.

Simply put, there is no body part that is NOT pleasing to touch when lathered in slippery soap bubbles. Also, thanks to the soap and water, the sweat and weird smells that often accompany bed sex are instantly washed down the drain. That’s not to mention some of the – uh – other funky products of a romp under the covers...let’s just say that washing up in the shower beats having to sprint across the room for a handful of Kleenex. If you’re going to embark on this sudsy mission, you also need to know the risks involved. First of all, nothing quite kills the mood like a face-plant into a ceramic tub. Be careful. Showers are slippery.

There’s also the danger of the noise of the shower masking the sound of people entering the house – especially worrisome if you’re still living with mom and dad. And they’ve brought grandma and grandpa over to visit. And your ten cousins. You get the picture. This summer might be hotter than the fiery pits of hell, but don’t let the heat get the better of you. Strip down and head for the shower. Want to take the risk factor and the refreshment factor to a whole new level? Try the backyard sprinkler.

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