Paul Parillo The Simplest Tasks

Why are the simplest tasks often times the most difficult to complete? Half the time the answer can invariably be found in the excuse of time constraints – but what of the days where time is on your side? It’s as if your mind recognizes the slow ticking of a clock, then your ambition, along with the allotted tasks for the day slip under your radar until, before you know it, it’s bedtime, and all you’ve done is jerk off your dead cat.

Dead cat you say? Oh, that’s right - going to the Vet was supposedly on your “list of things to do”. That explains the lack of sickly cat meows.

The word procrastination is used more than a heroin needle in Vancouver, and rightfully so, it’s incredibly applicable. But even that isn’t quite enough, it almost suffers from the very disease it claims to define. The truth of the matter is that without adversity, people aren’t going to do shit.

It’s a simple equation of cause and effect – if there’s no cause for something, there will, undoubtedly, be no effect. For example: “Johnny has a great idea for a novel, he toils for many days over the conceptual elements and finally decides to put some ideas on paper. Unfortunately for Johnny, the excitement wanes without the aid of an overseer to advocate ambition, and he’s left sitting grumpily at his small desk, starring at a boring and blank word document.”

Which of us can take a situation like this and power through it? And which of us are at the mercy of stunted ambition? Even something so simple as writing down an idea on paper is a task too much for some. It’s as if the inability to see a potential reward is the only justification; there has to be something nobler to be used as fuel for the fire.

How about self-esteem? You’re existence and life development should be enough collateral to be cause for ambition and worthwhile pursuits. Think highly of yourself – a little ego goes a long way; otherwise you’ll be waiting for everyone else to congratulate you. Embedding that Pavlovian response is an efficient fast track to the couch, while the computer remains blank, like your predictable future.    

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