Hana Shafi So You've Given Up, Eh?

There was a time when I thought that Person A likes Person B and Person B also likes Person A was all there really was to it. But apparently, it's about five hundred billion times more complicated than that  along with the issue that 99% of people you date/fuck/canoodle with are actually total assholes. Forget needle in a haystack, finding the right person is more like a needle in the Pacific fucking Ocean.

And like most singles, I’ve repeatedly exclaimed the words “I give up!” Except what's annoying is that, in truth, I really haven't given up. I wish I could genuinely say “yeah i give up. To hell with dating!” and nonchalantly walk off into the sunset... or, you know, sit in my room eating donuts. But I’ve made a recent self-discovery that I actually do give quite a few fucks hence the reason I'm so frustrated with dating dilemmas in the first place. So it's like having your body being dragged around by a horse and then you decide you give up but that doesn’t change the fact that your body is still being dragged around by a horse.

This isn’t solely my experience, but the experience of all the singles out there who have said more than once that they’ve given up. So many romantically-deprived, bad-date-having souls have made the personal resolve to become a mysterious shut-in and never venture back out into the treacherous dating world again, all the while secretly hoping that this plan will lead to some fantastically wonderful stranger coming to save them for their wretched single boredom. And yet even after the humiliating dates, compulsive liar ex-whatevers, cheating scoundrels, and narcissistic asshats, many of us are hopelessly drawn back to the dating scene, like a moth to the flame, like lint to an old sweater, like a bored single to that hot barista that once put a smiley face on your cup. 

Giving up seems like the easy way out of all the dating drama, but it seems that giving up actually takes a hell of a lot of self-discipline to not succumb to those fickle hormones that seem to draw you towards some interesting stranger for whatever reason. 

So unfortunately, my fantasies of the giving-up and eating copious amounts of fried goods lifestyle have gone completely down the drain. I’m simply no match for the attractive strangers of this world and that awful dating siren-song that they seem to omit, drawing me in with the hope that they might be the Person B to my Person A. 

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