Liam Montgomery S.O.A

While the world watches Game of Thrones I secretly pirate Sons of Anarchy. Sons of Anarchy is a T.V. series that delves into the world of a biker gang based out of Charming California. This show has it all, criminals, bimbos, guns, blood, and motorbikes, but most of all it has the same soap opera appeal as the WWF did.

Drama driven by full tilt testosterone is appealing to all. Guys and girls love the espionage factor with the tangled webs and plots and sub plots all moving forward. It can be hard keeping your own head straight, when loyalties and family get tested. When the family mush gush shit gets dry the show peppers in some savage violence with the organized crime device, this keeps guys on the edge of their seats. In the world of biker gangs at any moment somebody can get their head skull smashed into smithereens. Chicks find the whole tough guy outlaw shtick a huge turn on, so no matter what is going on they are wet.

There has been many crime series before this, OZ, The Wire, The Sopranos, Law and Order but this one is a little bit different. There is something more home grown with these guys old school sense of loyalty and style. Modern greaser pompadours with leather vests, swaggy boots, old school motorbikes nothing could be more hipster. Hipsters are hip, so I guess that makes this show the fucking shit. Oz has spoons in the ass prison style, and there is nothing hipster about spoon ass rape.

This show brings me back to being twelve and ripping around the neighbourhood fucking shit up, being a lost boy, a delinquent, back to the days of acting like a cocky little shit with a big mouth and an attitude, up to no good, causing trouble.

Liam Montgomery 


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