L Woods Summer 2012 Get @ Me!

It’s that time of year again – university students have finally finished their final semester of the year and are already referring to these last few blistery weeks of April as “Summer 2012.” Many may have already started Facebook albums by the same name, which are soon to be filled with pictures of them and their friends getting ready for a night on the town, each of them dressed in a tight black skirt and a different colored tube top. No doubt, wearing inappropriately open shoes for this weather. (Peep toes are really only appropriate in Canada between May and September.)

Of course, there’s the ever so popular bikini profile picture which usually contains a bunch of smiling girls on a beach with the accompanying caption reading some variation of “love u girls! Can’t wait 4 more of this! Summer 2012 get @ us! <3”

I’m sure if you checked Tumblr right now, it will be filled with Frappuccino Instragram pictures and everyone’s summer bucket lists. These bucket lists are always my favorite to read as they all usually include things like: “road trips with my girls, staying up all night, tanning all day, summer love, and sitting around the bonfire singing Kumbaya.”

Well, I hate to burst your bubble, (no, I don’t.) but I think it’s about time ya’ll come join the rest of us in the real world. As cute as your little wish lists are, who actually has time for this shit? For those of us who are actually adults and need to pay for our own stuff, “Summer 2012” is really code for “work as much as possible until university takes up all of your time again.”

Let’s be honest, “Staying up all night” now probably means you’re working until close at your restaurant job, and “summer love” really means having as much no-strings-attached sex as you can with someone until you have to part ways in September. Bonfires are, no doubt, an awesome way to spend a night with your friends, but be a little realistic. We all know that everyone there is high as fuck, there’s 3 people yacking in the forest, and no one actually listens to the tone-deaf guy with the guitar.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have fun this summer, because that would be totally ridiculous. All I’m saying is that perhaps you should lay off the whole Tumblr-picture-perfect-summer thing. Why bother trying to live up to it when we all know – yourself included – that you’re just going to end up yacking into a different bathtub every night? Embrace it.


So I guess you're out for my all night long-bikini only-bonfire party?

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