Elizabeth Victoria Summer Fashion Do's

My last article felt a little negative... All I did was rant about what not to wear without giving any instruction about what you should be wearing this summer. Silly me! I hope this information helps you slide gracefully into summer dressing and saves you from looking like fashion roadkill.

Mixed Prints

After years of being told by our mothers and grandmothers that clothes should always, ALWAYS match, the tide has finally turned, and brought with it the trend of mixed prints. Having had “matchy matchy” drilled into our minds for years, mixing prints feels almost dirty; but really, it's so wrong...that it’s right. The thing with mixed prints is that it takes a certain kind of confident personality to pull them off, as is the case with all bold looks. If you are someone who can pull it off, the key is to stick with like or complementary colours. Stray from this, and risk looking like you got dressed in the dark. 

Summer Dresses

Never have I been approached by the opposite sex more than when I'm wearing a summer dress. I'm not sure why this is, but I have a few ideas. a) With the plethora of too short shorts (see my last article) and trashy fashion that seem to be so popular in the summer time, perhaps a girl dressed in something mildly conservative is a sight for sore eyes? (I know, I know, my naivety is showing) b) as my male friend once so eloquently said, “I like women to look like, real women, you know?”. I’m not sure I really know what that means, but when I think of “real women”, I think of the Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe types, and it is completely okay with me if my summer dress has anything in common with those ladies. (Personally, my boyfriend loves my summer dresses because he says they make me "look like a flower" - ed.)


Normally reserved for spring, these baby soft shades of sorbet, periwinkle, and mint green work for summer this season too… and there is a way to incorporate them into your look without appearing as though the Easter Bunny threw up all over you. If you don’t have the skintone to compliment wearing the shades head to toe, think about using pastel accessories to punch up a look. If these soft-hued tones do suit you, be sure to mix neutral shades into the outfit to avoid looking like a walking baby shower.


With the release of Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby reboot (the trailer of which looks, frankly, ridiculous, and like it will never compare with the ‘74 version… but this isn’t the place to debate that issue), designers this season were inspired by the throwback to the 20’s. The key with this trend is to make a reference to the era without overdoing it… think flapper-esque rather than full on fringe dress. A drop waist dress paired with a leather jacket looks fresh, but a fully sequined, art deco style party dress does not. Just remember: if you walk out of the house looking like you're on your way to a costume party, you're doing it wrong.

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