Owen Leskovar Undercover Movie Cops Are Stupid

Whenever I watch a sweet cop movie like The Departed, I'm always shocked at how easy it is for cops to go undercover. There's always one scene where the prospect gets his ass kicked or leg broken as a "test," but then he's in, no questions asked.

What the fuck, criminal underworld? Be a little more thorough! I want the scene where they all smoke a blunt together before heading to the titty bar. Maybe a shot or two where the prospect has to spend 3 years befriending some lowlife and complaining about how hard it is to make rent before he's invited to be a fucking dropman.

But even better, I want to see the scenes where this cop is training for his "role." I want to see him shooting hoops outside of sketchy convenience stores, brushing up on his local slang in between muggings.

REAL muggings, mind you. (He couldn't risk being outed as a cop to the local delinquents before his undercover career even got started!)

I want to see him learning the names of the high-influence pimps in town through some intense "interrogations" of their employees where he (hopefully) trades his badge for some condoms.

Now imagine all of this...AS A MONTAGE. FUCK YES! Leo could do it.


Man Cops have Video Man Cops have Video Servaliance in their cars so if they think they have these rights then so do we. So Listen here guys, Wire a tloapp into the trunk just like they do, Install USB web cams on your dash just like they do, Install secret pinhole cams on the outside of the car too so they don't know they are there and running. and lets get these jerks at their own games.. Lets catch them being assholes, and arrest them for it. Fine them for it and sue their off for it.Learn about Freeman

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