L Woods Want to get laid? hit on insecure chicks.

It’s not a secret that many of you guys out there are looking for one thing, and one thing only. (Sex, obviously.) Unfortunately for you, you often have to play along with a girl’s 3-date routine before you can get in her pants. Usually the exception to this is the wasted, horny sorority chick who would let just about anyone into her pants, but it’s not quite as fun when you don’t even have to try to convince her to take her pants off because, surprise, they already are.

You guys often get a bad rep for putting too much “pressure” on girls to sleep with you, wouldn’t it be nice if for once, the girl chased you? Well here’s a little tip on how to get a girl to chase you: hit on insecure girls. Sounds easy enough, but how do you know which girls are insecure enough to actually go along with it? Try this test:

Hit on her. Be completely obscene, rude, perverted, etc. If you’re at a movie theatre or sports game, ask her to point you in the direction of the snatch bar. If you’re at a party, simply tell her that her tits look great in her shirt. The point is not to be Rico Suave here. Now, wait 20 minutes then check her FB profile or Twitter feed. If she’s really insecure, there will be a nice update along the lines of: “All guys r pigs! Can’t believe he used that line. #notgonnahappen”

There you have it, she’s the one. Any confident female would have simply brushed off your obnoxious comment. The insecure girl needs to broadcast it to all 240 of her followers in order to let people know that there’s someone out there who finds her somewhat desirable. She’s desperate for people to think that someone wants her; she probably doesn’t get hit on a lot.

She’s now feeling great. In her mind, your disgusting comment was just a cover up for your undying love for her. Unfortunately, she still believes that saying that when a guy is mean to a girl, it’s because he likes her. This is where you swoop in with the nice-guy act. Insecure girls are idiots.

Luckily for you, it wasn’t brains you were chasing. (Insert blowjob joke here, haha, you’re so original.) You now have the upper hand. You could take advantage of your newfound power and get what it was you were looking for in the first place, or you could go find a girl who actually makes you work for it. The chase really is more fun.

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