Liam Montgomery We Be Big Riggin’

To beat the dead horse, why the fuck are we so obsessed with oil? The argument is, is that petroleum is just the most efficient fuel, and it comes in such abundance, well it came in such abundance that it would be foolish of us not to.

Abundance, to me at least, not only means a cornucopia of reserves but an ease to harvest. I mean the cornucopia spills fruit right onto your lap with no effort. Historically black gold was easy enough to strike; a couple surveyors and an engineer with a drill could spring oil. But the paper chase lengthened the market exploded and more competition arrived for the capitol. When a market is overcrowded it diversifies, so people started to look for oil in different places, harder to reach places. This caused for a huge increase of innovation and determination. I mean metallurgists inventing new materials to with stand the pressures of the dark abyss, engineering feats that rival the Hoover, trillions in steel, concrete, piping, electronics, manpower, FUEL! Just to chase a black liquid, does that still sound efficient?  

Oil burns so well that all the effort is justified. This doesn’t get us anywhere. Running the same circuit just exhausting ourselves and our materials, like pookies collecting cans until they get their spoonful. I don’t think society should operate like that, living from hit to hit.

But, but, but, alternative fuel sources just can’t provide the level of energy that we would need. If you’re still reading at this point you probably already know where I am going with this, and this is one of the issues. Beating a dead horse is like spitting in the ocean, nobody cares, and for us that do care, we are no better, blog warriors and meme assassins, sharing our ideas with people who have similar social filters.

But here it goes my contribution to the ocean; if we spent all that time and money on discovering and refining other sources of fuel, who knows maybe we would have found something more efficient and more abundant than the black gold, like I don’t know the sun. You know that thing?

But here comes the catch 22, petroleum catapulted the world into the modern age where things like silicon wafers are produced, so maybe big oil is a necessary step in our evolution, kind of how capitalism is an essential stage for a state to become truly communist. One of those necessary evils, maybe we just need to put our heads down and figure a way through this addiction and into our next era.

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