Kyle Towers Webmastering: Facebook*

Like some of you out there, I have a Facebook. And I don’t like to brag, but I have over 5 hundo friends. While I will admit I often forget how I know these people, and will sometimes pretend not to notice them in public, I love my little community of “friends”.

A large portion of my contacts on Facebook were one time encounters in the real world. But that hasn’t stopped me from letting them into my life, sharing stories & pictures of everything from recent trips to sexual conquests and Liking & commenting on the hilarious and awesome adventures those kooky Facebook friends of mine get themselves into. And I think a lot of them appreciate my recognitions and even the filth I post onto my profile. I mean, I haven’t noticed too many of them removing me as a friend. Even the ones who update something like: “Doing some spring cleaning of friends. We’ll see if you make the cut. Yeah, you - the one who comments with sexually suggestive emoticons on every picture of me at pool parties and on the beach.” I may not physically click the Like button, but you better believe yours truly likes those scandalous bikini pictures.

I hope my Facebook family sticks it out with me. Friendship and networking is important. As humans, we should be there for each other.

To my Facebook friends: I give you my word that even when times get tough and your statuses turn into cynical and depressing introspective reflections after your dog eats your iPhone or you spill coffee in your new BMW, I’ll still be your friend - miles away from the comfort of my own home without ever saying a word.

But, seriously, I love you guys and wish you all the best! Xo

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