Liam Montgomery The Wheels on the Bus

Rush hour, the daily intrusion into our lives that chokes trees and brings humans into proximity with each other where frustrating habits are observed and tension runs high. A time where blood pressure pumps, worker drone sardines are stuffed into tin cans and traffic copters reign the skies. Sardines squeezed together to watch each other step on each other’s toes and spill coffee.

No matter how full, packed, crammed or stuffed there is always that person that has to get to the door of whatever transit vehicle your riding, way before their stop approaches. I mean if the bus is empty then no big deal do your thing, but when it’s full, early in the morning, everybody has their bags and shit like dude just chill.

The only explanation for this is pure paranoia of missing the stop. Understandable and all but if you could just HOLD ON and FUCKING wait for the doors to open so people have room to get out of your way it wouldn’t be such a big deal. No of course not that’s too logical, almost knocking over that poor woman was absolutely necessary to make sure you got to the door in time.

Hey question, did you know that bus driver and people can hear? Just be like “hey bus driver man hold on a sec I need to get out.” That’s just the thing about people everybody is absorbed into their own smart phone world, their personal social bubble. We just act like particles bouncing off each other with every really interacting, just reacting to the situation hardly engaging. The only time we are engaged is when we are being paid or getting laid.

In Japan they hire people to herd the herd, stuff the drones into the can. Maybe this is a psychological test in motion, people need to be directed. Maybe everybody is too far disconnected nowadays to clue into obvious truths and to lead themselves. Keep calm and carry on.

Liam Montgomery   


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