Paul Parillo Why do girls stare at each other?

Is it just me, or do women hate each other on some level? Maybe hate is a strong word, how about dislike? Or perhaps it’s a jealousy prompted by some materialistic comparison. Whatever it is, you can’t miss it. Every day while I’m carefully staring at women, I never fail to see them carefully staring at each other – damn they’re good at it too. Except the staring between two women sits on a much deeper level than that of the average male pervert.

For a guy, it’s just the boring physical stuff (ankles and shoulder blades etc), but between two women, it seems as though they’re saying “Pfffffft, nice leggings, bitch, thank god I look better than you”. And yes, this is the exact definition of boring physical stuff, but like I said, it’s on a deeper level. In the seconds it takes for a girl to judge the other girl (and vice-versa) the physical attributes transcend into an emotional status. The emotional realm begins as the girl starts feeling inadequate or superior based on this original perception.

I’ve accidentally been caught in one of these staring battles (let me be clear here that the staring doesn’t happen simultaneously – I think most woman walk around knowing they’re probably being stared at but bide their time and only reciprocate when they girl in question isn’t watching). It’s a frightening event where the tension is tougher than a butternut squash. The moment the eyes find their target, time slows down and no matter what activity they’re doing, their eyes follow that woman until either they can no longer be seen or they fear for being caught. All the while I’m watching, wondering if my chest will implode if I remain in the middle.

To be fair, whenever I’ve brought up this discussion with a girl and asked if she thought as vindictively as she looked, I do sometimes hear the opposite response. That in fact, she thought the girl whom she was staring at had something really nice about her features. Something she admired without the consequence of inferiority. Here’s an idea for a tattoo, “Only Everyone Can Judge Me”.

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