Kyle Towers Why to Never Share Bathrooms with girls

As far as I can imagine, women have little cute poops that resemble bunny pellets. I wouldn’t know, because their bowel movements are very elusive and they rarely leave any unpleasant smells. Despite this, I would rather share a washroom with a man than a woman.


Men use the washroom to shit, shower and shave. Women set up shop and perform a large portion of their daily activities in there. Have you ever noticed how there is usually a lineup to the ladies room in bars, clubs and other busy public locations? If you need to take care of urgent business, but you’re waiting on a woman- you’re shit out of luck.


Women think toilets are garbage disposal units and believe it is appropriate to flush strange and foreign things. In reality, this will result in severe clogging. Ladies, tampons are not toilet friendly.


If the toilet is broken or clogged, it will usually be a man who will have toilet water up to his elbows trying to get it going again. For the most part, the only plumbing a woman is familiar with is her own.


It isn’t uncommon for women to pee and poo together while holding hands and telling stories. Although slightly endearing, this behaviour is twisted and raises a lot of questions no one wants to know the answers to.


In a residential washroom: Yes, men are known to leave the seat up. But women leave beauty products and appliances EVERYWHERE. Good luck finding the soft hand soap amongst 300 other liquid dispensers.

In a public washroom: The men’s room can get pretty bad, but you’ll usually find plenty of profound reading material on the stall walls. The lady’s room sometimes looks like a crack house. It may be attributed to women squatting over the toilet to avoid ass to seat connection, but things can get out of control in there. I have been deeply disturbed when hooking up in women’s washrooms. In fact, I once came across a stall door floating in a river of urine amidst bloody tampons and panties. I had to use the stall door as a raft in order to drift to safety.

In conclusion, I’m thankful architects have separated us into two rooms in public buildings. And if I ever settle down with a nice girl, I will prefer to have his and hers bathrooms. Men and women are not supposed to share this part of their life with each other.

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