Michael Turnbull Working for a Tyrant

Not everyone gets the job they want.But most people DO get the luxury of having a tyrant for a boss.

I'm sure all of you, if not most of you have worked in a kitchen/restaurant/ catering and have seen the way that your fresh new managing staff strut around the restaurant. Its like they have it all. They brag about what they have, they rub it in your face, and then they ask you to do a job that isn't in your job description and argue with you when you have other priorities.

These dick bags like to bring their friends by after work and love to do three or four lines in the back while yelling out orders. They love to humiliate their employees, while believing that they are doing the best job possible. Most of them have no training in their field, they just knew the boss's son or daughter and used the phrase "You know if I were managing there, things would be totally different." When shit inevitably hits the fan, these lowlifes slide to the next job on some other empty promise and bitch about how shit their last job was. You have a sigh of relief as your workplace returns to its former chaos.

Here's the gig.
Too many of you kids don't actually stand up when these assholes strut their vanity around. You bend over and bitch about how you would have done differently to your co-workers. Those that actually stand up to their bosses are never backed up because everyone fears they will lose their shitty, easily findable restaurant job.

Listen here children, the more you lie to yourself and tell other people you are a boss, the more pathetic you are. If you can't stand up to some high strung loser who doesn't deserve what they've got, then how are you going to look at yourself in the mirror? At the very least, give support to those who do so change can happen for the better, the more you turn your back on your peers the more likely they will tell you to fuck off when you ask for their shift, or under cook the chicken in your name so you'll get fired.

"Pussies don't like dicks, because pussies get fucked by dicks, but dicks also fuck assholes." (Team America) so back up your bros, cuz you are better off DP-ing your bosses than taking it from them.

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