L Woods Your Guide to Getting Laid More this Summer: Fashion

I have a strong feeling that most, if not all, of you have absolutely no interest in reading an article about fashion. I have another strong feeling that if I promise you that the advice in the article could help you get laid more, you’d probably read it – just in case.

I don’t care too much about what a guy wears, but I certainly notice when a guy dresses well, and I’m 10X more likely to talk to them if they do. Put a little bit of effort into your appearance and you could be rewarded (with sex). Here are some tips:

Shorts: Don’t wear denim shorts. Khaki or board shorts are fine. Shorts should hit at or just above the knee, not below. You’re not in a gang.

Wifebeaters: Are you Channing Tatum? No? Should you be wearing a wifebeater, then? No.

Popped-Collars: No. (Just in case you’re one of the few people who still does this.)

Hoodies: It is possible to look good in a hoodie - just make sure it doesn’t go below your ass. And if you get too warm, don’t tie it around your waist.

T-Shirts: Here’s a tip: find a t-shirt that fits nicely - not too baggy, not too tight - and buy 100 of them. Buy them in black, white, grey, red, it doesn’t fucking matter, just buy them. You’re set.

Shoes: It’s generally hot in the summer, so unless you’re working on a construction site, put the construction boots away. Other than that, who cares? Flip flops, sneakers, whatever…I’m just sick of seeing guys in shorts and construction boots.

Button Downs: Yes. Always.

You’re never going to get laid because of what you’re wearing, or what you’re not, but a decent outfit can make you seem much more approachable. Of course, once she approaches you, it’s up to you to not scare her away with your douchey personality. No pressure!


This is great. Comprehensive, yet pithy. I should print this off and carry it in the pocket of my khaki shorts.

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