L Woods You're Not an Activist*

Watching a 30-minute video on YouTube does not automatically mean that you now know all there is to know about a certain topic – especially when it comes to major global issues like, say, Joseph Kony or the exploitation of children all around the world. Taking the URL to that video and posting it on your social media site of choice does not make you an activist - not even close.

All it says is that you’re good at copying and pasting. It also shows that rather than watching a video and doing some research of your own so that you can learn more and come up with your own opinion on a topic, you’d prefer to be a sheep and follow the herd of others who, too, are excellent at the CTRL+C – CTRL+V combination. Of course, using social media to spread awareness is a wonderful thing, but if everyone is just sitting there updating their statuses rather than actually donating time or money, what is really being accomplished?

People nowadays and hardcore keyboard warriors, but when it comes down to actually getting off their lazy asses and putting in a physical effort, they become lazy as shit. Seriously, if you’re going to sit there and pretend like you’re so passionate about a pressing global issue, perhaps you should be prepared to do a little more research than a quick Wikipedia to find out where Uganda actually is. The problem is that everyone seems to be treating these issues like some sort of trend. One minute stopping Kony is all the rage and then suddenly another cracked out celebrity kicks the bucket and people change their statuses from “Make Kony Famous 2012!” to “RIP Lindsay Lohan.

:(” I’m all for using the power of social media to promote change, but I’m sick of watching the latest YouTube craze create a wave of uneducated self-proclaimed activists. Don’t believe everything you see either. With the right cinematography and some moody background music, I could create a video that convinces all of you that the Illuminati is inserting microchips into bananas to spy on the middle-class. If you want to seriously get involved in an issue that you feel passionate about, great. But please, I urge you all to do some real research and to educate yourselves before pressing the ‘like’ button or sharing a link.

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