Hana Shafi You're Not Special, You're Just An Asshole*

Scrolling through Facebook and Twitter, I often see choruses of girls going on about how they only hang out with boys because girls are too catty and cause sooooo much drama, and why do girls care so much about makeup instead of starving children?!?! Shut the hell up. You’re not a special fucking snowflake or an ultra-modern cool cutting-edge girl because you talk shit and look down upon other girls. You’re actually just harbouring a lot of internalized misogyny, and frankly, it’s messing stuff up for the rest of us!

Perhaps the girls that you used to hang out with were horrible and catty, but that does not represent the entire female-identifying population. Or maybe those girls were catty because you’re a patronizing chauvinistic douchebag. Ever thought about that? 

The constant fight in achieving woman’s equality (and not just in the eyes of law, but in changing society’s patriarchal norms) gets taken 500 steps back every time you have to argue with another woman about it. I’ve had to explain to other women why slut-shaming is hurtful, why blaming someone for their rape is despicable and only sustains a system where rapists will get away with what they’ve done. And I’ve been told that I’m wrong by these same women and I just sit there baffled. I’m proposing attitudes that will help YOU in life, that will mean more freedom and dignity for YOU. Face to fucking palm.

On one hand, women who have misogynistic attitudes may just be focusing on short-term benefits. They’re in with the guys and, naturally, they feel secure in that position. But in the long-run, it screws you over. When they are confronted with the same discrimination that other females in their life are facing, will that be their wake-up call? Will their misogynistic attitude become apparent to them when they finally feel the inherently detrimental effects of it? Or will they brush it off as one exceptional incident and revert to being female chauvinists, smug about how “different’ they are from all those other girls? 

That all depends on a person’s willingness to learn. Often times, those who hold on to discriminatory views are stubbornly attached to them. But other times, you can appeal to a person with a little thing called logic, which will hopefully reach their narrow stream of thought and give them the revelation that women can be into beauty and makeup and gossip and still care about bigger things, that women can be catty at times but can also be kind, intelligent, and badass as hell. 

So stop your constant complains about the poor character of females and instead, focus on your own character, cause it really needs some work. 

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