Paul Parillo Youtube Chefs

Have you seen any Youtube cooking shows lately? Not any Epic Meal Time, Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver shit – those are far too “professional”. I’m referring to those cute little shows with those cute little hosts who get their spouse, or friend, or themselves to shoot a cute little recipe from their modest and poorly lit kitchens. Whenever I feel the urge to shit on humanity, those homely and honest Youtube chefs help reinstate my sense of pride.

In some capacity or another, people idolize the notion of “celebrity”. Whether it’s the money, power, or apparent confidence, there’s some aspect that connects us ruffians to those with chiseled features. So naturally, when the personalities on the kitchen front lines began garnering praise and fame, the fans and followers took to emulation. Some found their fame even if it was only for 15 minutes and some failed and fell back into the arms of reality. But there’s another breed of fan who, while watching fame slip in an out of ambitious hands, found their niche in a market virtually unnoticed.

Fuck me they are so adorable. Go to Youtube, search anything food related, ie: “sandwich recipe, how to cook pasta etc” and you’ll be instantly given links to both creatively ambiguous videos, and an honest insight into the proud and unique people who give a shit about their life.

I’m feeling a powerful surge of romanticism when discussing this – whether it’s warranted or not. You’ll see that some of these “recipes” among the more appetizing ones are not even that great, some of them are even deplorable; but wherever the food lacks in quality and appearance, it’s made up in realism. It’s irrelevant if the hosts are bumbling fools or well-spoken kitchen magicians, the great quality comes from the ambition of these folks. Why did they decide to bring the camera into the kitchen? Why did they separate all the ingredients in an organized display? Why do they convey cooking times, temperatures, techniques?

The reason is because they had a desire to celebrate their passions to anyone who cared to listen. They believed in themselves enough to do ignore the poor number of views or sometimes negative comments, all because they had something to say, and had the means to say it. Rarely rewarded, scarcely recognized, they may not have become celebrities just yet, but their lust for life can be valued for its merit alone; justifiably innocent, beautiful and average.

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