Comic How to suppress your gag reflex

SANS Magazine has introduced it's latest edition of off brand entertainment with it's comic wing.

Comics will be trickling in about all sorts of wild ideas, from men with dick faces to dead hookers as hanging chandeliers, we have something for everybody. This edition is featuring the artwork of Allen Lau, a wild Sheridan College student with a brilliant art style.

His excellent work with facial expression really brings out the wonderful elements of fear, disgust and pain.

Tune in to see another wild adventure soon.



Hello LukeIt's really dcluiifft to expressto someone that you really like something they've done without sounding like jelly in molasses. However I will attempt to try.MY DAUGHTER AND I LIKE YOUR BOOK.There. It is done. Iam exposed as a fan and I have dragged my daughter, Tilly, into it too. She is sat behind me shaking her head. She is smiling though. When's this one out? Please make more.BWs Des and Tills

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