Michael Turnbull The Failing of the Y Chromosome

Girls are smart.
They’re smart and attractive. A deadly combination. See, as we become more and more cerebral, the tides slowly turn from the the dominant man to the dominant WHOA!man . And it’s about damn time. Soon you will see the rising trends of having the daughter over the son, sitting at tea parties rather than throwing around the old pigskin and doing the dishes instead of grilling the meat. The rise of dominant women is upon us boys- and I hope you’re ready- because it’s you who are to blame.

Pornography was our first mistake.
I fucking love me some broad sucking a dick clean from her ass, and the more I worship the bodies of the women I chase, the more they control my credit cards, my bank statements and my text messages.

See I was in a classroom once, believe it or not I teach, yeah, what the fuck are those kids in for right? I talked to a girl who was reading a copy of every man’s classic, ‘the game’ and she was about half way through with a copy of David Deangelo’s ‘Double Your Dating’ in her bag for dessert.

With communities ever gathering closer together, information is easier to get a hold of, and the ‘secret’ mastery of the pickup artist has become common knowledge. I found ‘Double Your Dating’ back in 2008 when I was learning to come out of my shell and approach women outside of nightclubs. A foolish boy who thought the only way to pick up women was to go to a club, dance like a fool and hope to get the number of some girl passing by or something. What the fuck do I know about women?

Online forums sprout up every day based around the art of picking up women. For a low monthly fee, you too could become a player. Just youtube ‘dating expert’ and prepare for a wild ride. Men are slowly being duped by other men into falling for cheap parlor tricks, all the while girls are eating this stuff up just as quickly, and watching for it.

I remember the first time I was called out on my game, she practically quoted the paragraph as I pushed her up against the wall of a filthy washroom. She let a smile drip out of her as I was wonderfully humiliated. She knew, though it wasn’t intended, that anything I did following would have buried me alive.

We’re a generation of men brought up by our mothers. With no dominant male figure to imitate, we’ve slowly started to fall into the traps that hundreds of years of female insurgence have created. The first time you are told to watch your tone, or that time when your mother tells you how well you’re dressed before you leave for a date, is the last time you begin to think like a male, and start to allow a flood of estrogen into your brain.

The insecurity of what to wear, how to look, what to say, has started to trickle into our daily habits. How could it not? When you have an overbearing feminine figure, you slowly become intrinsically linked; even Tony Soprano had to kill his own mother to escape it.

Males are now being advertised to like we used to advertise to women. Six pack abs aren’t enough anymore, plastic surgery for calf and forearm implants are on the rise, upwards of 30% of make-up sales are on account of straight males, let alone our bomb gay counterparts. How do we fight a battle we have legitimately walked ourselves into?

Girls watch porno, I’ve preached this way more than the average person should. They know that we love watching them watch us while they force our throbbing cock down their throats. They toy with us at the ideas of having filthy anal sex, and they use phrases like ‘I’m going to vomit a rainbow of happiness from how much you love fucking my ass.’

Music to my ears.

Facebook beautifully trains them to the nature of how things work. If I Instagram my tits, I get more likes. If I post something about boys trying to get in my pants, they all comment back and subscribe to my feed. A solid girl also realizes that she doesn’t always have to be a cam slut to keep the interest of males. She learns that as she grows, her whoring will only bring the attention from her to the younger, cuter girl. So she just builds her entourage and becomes cool. Adapts male habits like CoD or watching basketball. Boys fall in love and double their efforts to tell their friends about her, and the cycle grows.

They watch how we wish we could mate, adapt and give us just enough that we begin to desperately plead for more. The average cam girl makes $180 an hour if she plays her cards right, and in her first two weeks can bank $1000 - $1200 in a couple of days when hitting peak hours. In fact, more cam girls are just giving it away without private booths, because more men are willing to throw money at them in groups. A girl can put herself through school in just a couple of weeks on a 4 night a week schedule, and still have time to build her male entourage. Who was the last guy you knew that had a girl offer him a month’s rent just to take off his clothes?

We’re so pathetic.

Now I’m all for the female takeover, being a house husband has always been a fantasy of mine. I could write that novel that I never dreamed of and cook all the brilliant meals I spent hundreds of dollars purchasing cookbooks for. More specifically though, I welcome the competition. All of my male friends from highschool have fallen to easy temptations like drugs. First you become the rockstar, THEN you go into a coma due to OD'ing on coke. Who’s going to remember the guy in the ditch I parked my Benz next to? Just don't fucking get your vomit on my tires.

I look forward to a future with baby making chambers where I sit patiently as I get my promised turn, because I took all my meds that make my children the most attractive and intelligent. The average vocabulary of the common male suggests to me that the concentration camps made for the weak and unintelligent males will fill rather quickly. I’ll be prepared to do whatever she wants in order to ensure the survival of my bloodline. No more 60 hour work weeks for me, just a few hours a night will do.

Kyle Towers thinks there is still hope for men and that we can keep the upper hand. I agree, but it’s for an elite few of us. We have to stick to our guns, but realize that girls are here to stay, and that they will probably kick us out of our cushy CEO positions.

We have to literally MANN the fuck up.
Stop taking advice from retards that think treating a woman like a slut is going to turn her on. Leave that for the bedroom. Be cool, watch old James Bond movies and learn to open the door for her once and awhile. It’s called chivalry. It ain't extinct; it's just endangered.

Dress your part; your insecurities come with the territory. Girls have been dealing with their emotional insecurities for years, where we’re just getting into the groove. You have to speak and play the part. It has to be authentic. If you want to succeed in anything, you have to know the rules and how to break them, and it starts with listening rather than talking, watching rather than doing. Treat that girl right and you will land yourself someone who challenges your brain as well as the limits of your orgasms. Men can have multiple orgasms and she knows this. You fucking act cool about it though man; the moment you beg is the moment you give up. And try not to torque your scrot in a bedroom incident a la Mike "the Dike" Turnbull.

This isn’t anti-fem; it's pro-active male.
I don’t want a world of hot dominant women to be stuck with pathetic bottom barrel mates. I want disgusting intelligent bitches that flip me over and slap the fuck out of me as often as I do it to them.

I apologize for the rest of my sad pathetic male counterparts, this is the best I can do to help. Please accept this as a token of my worthiness to procreate.



WHat a fucking load of shit

Hey, hold on, there's a point here.
Dudes are a load of pussies these days, if they even want to be half decent providers or some bullshit, they have to fuckin get themselves in shape.

Dope blog man

I love how you make the male the victim here.
Oh my, big soft bitch can't hand;e getting rejected by some girl at the club so he goes online and throws money at girls he can never achieve.

Cry me a river.

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