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Andy Ramsden You’re Gayer Than You Think: The Science of ‘Gay for Pay’

It’s just starting to happen that straight porn finally takes notice of male performers who are actually attractive—and I think I like the implications of it. What a goddamn mystery it is that it’s taken so long for the porn powers that be to make a star of someone as chiseled and groomed as, say, Johnny Sins for example. Has it been the case that until now straight male viewers have been so afraid of accidentally getting off to the guy in the porno that they demand male stars to look no better than Super Mario’s greasy, 300-plus-pound doppelganger?

Or are more women openly watching porn and writing in their complaints? I trust my lady friends who say that they and most fellow women don’t care much for commercial fornication set to tinny brass beats,* so I’m concluding that casting agents are picking up on the possibility that straight guys might be getting a little gayer and not minding a sexier driver in the pounding seat.

Modern theories of sexuality, after all, break down the barrier between the Eastbound and the Westbound lanes of travel, so to speak. The modern man or woman is open to more than one kind of arousal. Think of it as a more evolved state. Any psychoanalyst will tell you there are mental processes deep below the level of language and inner thought that subvert any notion of gay or straight. But within the social order, we tend to pick sides. The interesting bit is where these two fronts meet (the explicit social world and the unruly unconscious world); when bubbling up every now and then there might be a gurgle from the dregs of inexplicable desire. In fact, one particular social transaction facilitates this kind of bubbling more directly than others. 

Gay for pay is a phenomenon in the porn industry whereby straight men engage each other or other gay performers in homosexual outer - or intercourse  for monetary gain.

It happens among professionals and amateurs alike. The unofficially retired pornstar and now-father of two, Billy Brandt, is a notable example of a gay for pay professional who made more from Falcon Studios than he ever would’ve made from any straight porn house. On the amateur side there is a pornucopia of unnamed men featured on websites like Broke Straight Boys, where men at the ends of their ropes or looking for extra cash submit to homosexual acts.  

While it may be a lack of money that drives some amateur male performers to gay for pay, it’s not for the sake of coin that at least some of them habitually return. For these men, if it was the monetary transaction that made it ok to do in the first place, then it was the practice itself that made them realize they liked dick all along. If you break it down, gay for pay is a vessel by which unconscious desires travel safely to the surface of social order and survive the crossfire of self doubt. To the mind of a staunchly self-professed heterosexual male, he isn’t gay if he has sex with a man purely for financial return.

And that’s why some gays, like myself, love love LOVE watching broke straight guys getting it on with another man.

Even if he may be homophobic himself, this is ‘safe sex’ to him because he’s just prostituting himself out for lack of any other option. But this transaction allows him to meet the complexity of his own sexuality inside a system that is invulnerable to the prejudices he holds about himself. He ain’t gay; it’s just business. 

Certainly I don’t take pleasure in the fact that some poor boy has to jerk off on a couch beside another poor boy, while some older guy films it all with a camera, just so that those two poor boys can make rent (and in one case, so that a guy could buy his girlfriend an engagement ring! It happened. I saw it on the internet. I kid you not). But what in an admittedly sick and twisted way makes it arousing is the possibility that some such scenario, arising out of dire circumstances, has the unique ability to forcibly overcome those trite and limiting sexual categories that have all of our genitalia bound up in knots and forces a sexual encounter that in another world (a perfect one!) might come about naturally. The genius behind the perversity of gay for pay is that it is the ultimate reflection of a social and psycho-sexual paradigm that is fundamentally eschew. Men convince themselves that they would only do for money what they might otherwise do for free. The necessity of gay-for-pay-like structures is a symptom of a social disorder that requires of men and women to “figure out” which one they are—gay or straight. But how easily do we cure this social ailment with a small check and a nominal fee!        

*God knows why. Write to me, ladies, please. Is it that you can’t find your G-Spot?

Alex Hardie


Sorry to break it to the writer but many women in the porn industry have those moments of
"what am I doing here?...."
The whole thing is fake staged so why does he think to straight men playing gay for the camera's is any less fake than the rest of it?
Porn is fake period.

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