Kyle Towers Your epidermis isn't showing

I am no ‘intactivist’, but I have always been against circumcision - especially because I have been cut and am witness to the many hardships my twin tower faces.

For one, without that warm protective layer, a sans-skin penis is left to face the elements bare. Like George Costanza famously experienced, a circumcised penis temporarily shrinks when it plays in water or is exposed to the cold. I have begrudgingly missed many late night streaking and skinny-dipping sessions as a result of this. I mean, imagine my dismay if Will Ferrell were to ask me to go "streaking in the quad," or if Katy Perry wanted to go “skinny-dipping in the dark.” If it’s cold enough, I sometimes worry my penis will completely retract inside and become a momentary ‘innie.'

Secondly, and also because of its lack of protection, a snipped dick is constantly abused and loses sensitivity. A circumcised penis is already less sensitive, because oh I don’t know - there’s a giant piece of pleasure receptive skin missing. I mean, yeah, this equates to yours truly lasting forever in bed. But that’s only good for the person on the receiving end and sometimes I want to be selfish, damn it.

Lastly, through this most cruel act you are not giving your child a choice and it’s completely permanent. Whenever I hear of a man with a beanie complain (which is few and far between), I always tell him that he at least has a choice in the matter. If he’s really against it so badly, he can always get a good pruning. Few heed my alternative.

Circumcision is a barbaric mutilation of a man’s most prized possession and it needs to stop.

Michael Turnbull But yours is...

Sure I don’t have this hood of skin collecting dirt and grime, and making girls give that winced look when they see my cock piece, but I don’t think I mind. I mean really, from man to man, we both know that this whole “pleasure hood” thing is a farce. You think rubbing an extra flap of skin will help add pleasure? You ever wear dress shoes with bare feet, sweat in them and rub them back and forth? No, because that will cause blisters and hurt like a bitch.

Foreskin is as attractive as back hair. It’s like watching a child penetrate through the vaginal wall every time you get erect.

Most women I have met prefer a circumcised penis. It’s cleaner, it looks better, and it’s aerodynamic. If Katy Perry wants to see my fully erect penis, she should work it a little before making flash judgements. It’s not just gonna do the work for her.

If it’s a matter of choice, you’re right, maybe a child should be allowed to make the decision, in that I fully agree. But if carving off the hood of my penis is barbaric mutilation, I don’t want to be right.


It's not permanent. There are societies of men that meet to discuss strategies for regrowing foreskin. It'll never be the same as the original, but you can stretch skin and make it grow. All the best.

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