Head to head Never Salad Toss the one you love

Michael Turnbull You're a Fucking Retarded, of course you should

Sure, you don't shit where you eat.
But you aren't shitting. All day I would eat a girls ass, and make her feel amazing in any way that she needed.

In this case, a girl giving a little extra tongue in some places is totally fine! I love getting a good choda lick, and if you move ever so slightly to the south, I dig that too. The thing is, I am totally willing to do whatever you want, so if you are looking to spice up my evening, go ahead!

So look ladies, I think we should explore every aspect of each other. If you want me to dress up in a bunny costume and pretend that I'm an animal, I'll do it, and I'll still love you. So extend that tongue and make me love you more ;).

If you can put up with it, slobber up your hand or have that mouth dripping wet and get right in there.

Owen Leskovar Not on your life

Mike is telling you that it's OK to love someone and still eat their ass out. I'm going to disagree. But only in certain circumstances.

First, let's talk about the theory. There are degrees to sexual acts. Sex is "further" than a blowjob, and eating someone's ass like an ice cream sundae is "further" than both.

See, on scat Mike and I agree: shitting in someone's mouth is such an extreme act that it's difficult to maintain relational parity afterwards. It simply creates too much of a power imbalance. Every time you get into an argument, you can just win by saying "yeah? well you've had my feces in your mouth."

It starts getting interesting when you consider the reciprocal model. If you're both into giving and receiving, I imagine that that imbalance would disappear. So don't subject your partner to scat and then act high and mighty when it's your turn to ride the proverbial gravy train.

But let's get back to salad tossing. I just think that the same rules apply. It'd likely be difficult to keep on balance if someone's had their tongue more than sphincter-deep and you haven't reciprocated. So if you're gonna toss salad, make enough for everyone.

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