Podcast What looks better on a resume?

Welcome to the SANS Magazine Podcast.
If you weren't offended before, be ready to indulge yourself in the horrid disgusting thoughts of a handful of us blabbing away about inappropriate topics.

We gather together once a month and talk about the things that matter to us you know? Like which job looks better on a resume, how to keep your old people well poisoned, sneaking in the inheritance money and all that fun stuff.

The podcast will be published on the last weekend of the month, but here's a little tease for some idea of whats to come.

I'm you're not into the grimy and vulgar ideals of the cast, if you think that what you are hearing is horrible representation of your morals, you can find your way over to the Disney website here: www.disney.com (remember when porno websites used to do this?)

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