Joe Thomson

Lewis replied to Ben Mulroney, the worst person on TV Apr 15
Wow!! Got that bloody right!
Joe replied to The Curious Case of Colin Quinn* Feb 3
He was without any question the WORST host of Weekend Update that SNL ever had.
David replied to The Curious Case of Colin Quinn* Oct 22
I've never read a conedy article as insightful and accurate. Kudos.
Guy Pierce replied to Wait until you see what is next Sep 10
This is such a stellar article
Rajender replied to Confessions: Owning your shittiest quality Jul 1
I must admit that this is one great insight. It suelry gives a company the opportunity to get in on the gro...
Tammy replied to My Afternoon With a Prostitute Jul 1
I love seeing realvutionory articles like this with such good quality info compiled as well as talked about...
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